My Take

My take on things….

Lincoln has so much potential.

Living in ward 3, both Vineland & Jordan for the past 26 years I have grown to appreciate the people, landscape & culture of our rural town.  There have been numerous occasions that visitors have expressed to me how beautiful Lincoln is and how fortunate we are to live here.  I’m sure many of you feel and would say the same.

Having lived in other parts of the country and seen what can be accomplished at the grass roots municipal level, I get excited about Lincoln’s potential for growth.  The “Centre of Agricultural Excellence” is the right strategy /platform to build out the most desirable community for our current citizens, those looking to move here and our valued tourists.

I’ve witnessed the changing landscape from tender fruit farms to vineyards and wineries.  We’re now firmly on the wine route map with 39 wineries (and growing) within our town’s boundary.  We’ve also experienced significant growth in the greenhouse and agricultural research sectors.  Our support for these industries and the services required is critical to move our town forward.  Creating a place for our children and their children to live and work is, in my mind, our goal.

I hope to see you out on the campaign trail over the next couple of months.  I consider it a privilege to stand for election and trust that you will get out and vote on October 27th.