Paul’s Story

Paul’s story…

My wife, 2 daughters and I have lived in Vineland and Jordan for 26 years.  We moved into Ward 3 when my oldest daughter was 1.  We chose to live and raise our family here.  Both girls have grown up in the community, attending local schools, playing sports & have lifeguarded at both the Jordan and Beamsville pools.

I spent my youth growing up in Grimsby the eldest son in a family of 12 children.  My steelworker father and homemaker mother taught us early the value of a dollar, respect for self and others, competitive fair play, results come through hard work and the value of a good education.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Guelph.

As for my working life…  I have been with a Fortune 500 multinational company for almost 34 years.  A little over 20 of those years have been spent on the Canadian division senior management team overseeing marketing.  Our division realized significant growth over that period.  Working in the corporate culture, I’ve been able to develop strong interpersonal, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.  I’ve also lead the development and implementation of annual and long term strategic plans, identifying key priorities, action plans and tracking methods.  Building consensus with all stakeholders has been critical to my success.  Without it not much happens.

As for my previous experience making a contribution in the community.  I was fortunate to be involved with Jordan Minor Softball on the executive for several years.  During that time I was an assistant coach / manager (10 years) with the Jordan Junebugs Girls’ Softball team that competed for a gold medal at the 2003 Canadian Championships (finishing with silver).  I was on the inaugural Parent School Council at my daughter’s elementary school, assuming the chair position just prior to the teacher’s strike of 1997.   An interesting challenge.  More recently I was the president of the Peach King Legion Oldtimers Hockey Club.

I’m confident that my experience and developed skills have given me the tools necessary to be an articulate and effective member of council and as a civic leader. These characteristics will no doubt translate well to the council chamber.